The law does not rely on government to demonstrate a fair and an administration suitable to serve the public interest is not possible. In the final analysis of public administration in order to realize how the law in the public interest for the purpose of justice is to establish in the final analysis. The rule of law in the administration of justice according to the task, which should provide public services. On the other hand the administration of public entities own the assets, personnel, rights and obligations are also available. Administration to provide services in a robust way for the defense of rights and interests, must also be obtained.

Legal Counsel; University of legal entity has established administrative procedures and actions lawfulness ensure independent advice, as did the University's rights and interests in defense and in obtaining administrative authorities, judiciary and executive authority in the eyes of the University represents.

You need a strong University Legal Counsel in obtaining the rights and interests of both the university to operate in the public interest due to the University and the University of the service area is effective in protecting the rights of employees. Dependent and driven to be unable to perform its functions, such as law unit of the administration of public services, the public interest will be effective in ensuring compliance. Therefore, the General Counsel and the rest of the power itself is the science of law and justice. Our legal department will perform duties to get the rest of the law and under no circumstances leave the law in the future as loyalty is the same perseverance and determination.

The University Legal Counsel, No. 124 Higher Education Institutions and Higher Education Institutions of the Law on Administrative Organization in accordance with Article 26 of the Decree is in the status of departments; Is one of the administrative units that make up the organization.

Legal Counsel, Legal Counsel under the direction of three lawyers, three officers followed, which consists of three part-time staff serves students.

Legal Counsel spontaneous movement through the University of units of administrative acts and actions of the lawfulness of the inspection is not possible, other units possible unlawful administrative procedures related to ethical and legal responsibilities are not.

The legal department of our university staff and students and other persons, institutions related or specific qualified legal and administrative issues in the counseling, considered making the case to follow the powers and duties is available.

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